Hagerty Driving Experience (ages 15-25 with valid driver's license or permit) LEARN TO DRIVE A MANUAL TRANSMISSION!

On Saturday, September 21, Hagerty Insurance will be hosting the Hagerty Driving Experience Powered by Ford program at Las Vegas Motor Speedway to help teach young drivers how to drive a manual transmission using exciting classic cars. 

The program is held on a closed course and focuses on clutch operation and teaching the participants the unique ins-and-outs of classic cars. Since the launch of the program in 2011, we have hosted 11 of these events in locations throughout the country and have introduced nearly 400 young drivers to the enjoyment and excitement of the classic car hobby and skill of driving a manual transmission.

We also have spots open for participants (ages 15 – 25 with a valid driver’s license or permit).  If you know of a young person who might be interested in taking part to learn, please encourage them to visit www.hagerty.com/drivingexperience to register. 

The program will run from 9am – 4pm and lunch will be provided to all car owners and participants. The event is free of charge for students to take part. The day is split into two sessions, morning(9am- 12pm) and afternoon(1pm-4pm). 

Attached is an information sheet for participants that can be shared and/or printed. 

If you have any questions or would like to take part, please contact Kyle Smith at 231.929.6147 or Klsmith@hagerty.com.

Thank you in advance for your support!  

Happy Motoring!

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