Girls Scouts can Earn a FREE Patch from the DEA! RED RIBBON WEEK October 23-31, 2013

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) created a Red Ribbon Week patch to encourage and support Scouts who wish to learn about Red Ribbon and participate in local efforts to educate youth about the dangers of drug       abuse.  

Red Ribbon Week was established in memory of the sacrifices made to help keep our communities drug-free and encourage youth to lead healthy lives, free of drugs. Observed annually from October 23-31, Red Ribbon Week is a national celebration to promote youth education on the dangers of substance abuse.     


The DEA encourages all Girl Scout groups to participate.  Patches will be given to the first 15,000 qualifying Boy Scout and Girl Scouts.  The Red Ribbon Patch Program information can be found on our website,         

All Girl Scouts are eligible to participate in the program.  To earn the DEA Red Ribbon Patch, Scouts must complete the following:

  • Each scout/troop must coordinate or support a Red Ribbon Week activity.
  • Each Scout must attend a drug prevention education session.
  • Each Scout must take a DEA Drug-Free Pledge.

Upon completion of the program requirements, the Scout leader must submit electronically the Activity Report no later than Thursday, October 31, 2013.  The activity report is available at  

For any questions about the program, please review the Red Ribbon Patch Program Implementation       Guide available on our website  Many of your questions may be answered in the Guide.  

For any further questions or comments about the program, please send your e-mail to or call our Red Ribbon Patch staff at 202-307-7936 as they will be happy to assist you.

Thank you,

DEA Red Ribbon Patch Program Staff

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