We have a variety of newly released patches including a Juliette Low Scotland patch. It is limited edition and it celebrates her 100 years of creating her 1st troop in Scotland.

In 1911, Juliette Low met Lord Baden Powell and told her about the scout program. His sister Agnes was managing the Guides overseas and Juliette Low decided to open a troop of her own in her home at Scotland. She started with seven girls and taught them home skills and hiking. They decided to give tea parties as fundraisers so they could do more activities. They also raised chickens and spun wool into yarn to earn money. Soon Juliette Low started more troops and then moved back to America in 1912 to start the first troop in America.

If you are interested we have a Scotland manual and patch to pair with this celebration. It is a great theme for a Thinking day or international event or to celebrate the scout birthday. Included in the manual are maps, paper dolls, activity sheets, games, recipes, and festivals from Scotland.

In addition, we have released a Valentine and Victorian Christmas themed Juliette Low patches. There are two craft ideas located on page 4 of the newsletter. Juliette Low enjoyed having tea time with her Grandmother and creating crafts from papers and scraps of magazines.

Some other ideas are creating valentines with paper dollies and using scraps of paper or print out Victorian valentine images from the website.

Winter Event Ideas and Juliette Low!

Juliette Low patches

Scotland Program

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Item#: WINTER-10: $1.35

Item#: WINTER-FUN-SNOWFLAKE: $1.50 [laser cut snowflake] FUN-SNOWFLAKE

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