Girl 1—I want to build the fire of my life but don’t know where to


Girl 2—(Puts 3 sticks together to form an A frame) Honesty,

cleanliness and cheerfulness working together are the foundations

of the fire.

Each if the next girls add a small amount of tinder in turn.

Girl 3—I add loyalty. Success comes when we work together.

Girl 4—I add service. Sharing what we have makes us worthy of having it.

Girl 5— I add friendship. Friendships spread happiness.

Girl 6—I add courtesy. Putting ourselves in other’s shoes makes us more understanding.

Girl 7—I add kindness. Everyone needs a little kindness.

Girl 8—I add obedience. Learning to follow will teach us to lead.

Girl 9—I add thriftiness. Using resources wisely will help the earth.

Girl 10—I add the spirit of Girl Scouting, whose law stands for all of these things.

Girl 11— (Adds fire starter) I bind them together with preparedness. Doing small things well

will prepare us for bigger things.

Girl 12—(holds a lit candle) Only by weaving these together will we make our fires burn.

(She lights the fire) Let our light shine so others may follow. :)


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