Camp Names
At camp most staff go by camp names. This is the name that everyone calls you. It's a fun game, you keep your real name a secret and the girls try to guess them all session long, at the end of the session, you can reveal your real name. Some things to get you started thinking:

Names of Animals: Turtle, Bunny, Bear, Dolphin
Birds: Bluebird, Starling
Insects (bugs) Honeybee, Lady Bug, Beetle
Flowers: Rose, Daffodil, Daisy, Petunia
Plants: Carrot, Potato, Parsley
Cartoon Characters: Bugs, Tweety, Roadrunner
Characters from books, movies: Happy, Sparky, Smiley, Pinky, Peanut, Bubbles, Floppy, Skipper, Riddles, Stormy, Goldilocks, Blondie, Trouble, Slinky, Captain, Fiddler, Cuddles, Thunder, Scooter
Your favorite food: Spaghetti, Cookie,
Your name spelled backwards.
An outstanding personal trait

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. However, there are a few guidelines to consider when choosing a camp name…

1. Be sure your camp name is appropriate. If it isn't, you will probably be asked to change it upon arrival to camp.

2. Once you're a CIT, WIT, or staff, you cannot change your camp name. It's only happened… once or twice, in the recent past. By that point the returning staff and older campers all know you by that name, so changing it is looked down on.

3. Try to be original! Be known for being yourself, not for being one of fifty people with the same name. One of my years in Bits'n'Bridles, we had 3 people who wanted to be "Sunshine." So they were Sunny, Sunshine, and Sunshine Girl. Come on people, that's just boring.

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