Use 5 gallon buckets. These are available from warehouse food stores such as Costco, holding laundry detergent. They are also available from restaurants and janitorial supply houses. Make sure if you use used buckets that they held no caustic chemicals.


  • Cut a paper pattern of the lid, inside the outer ring. As you look down on the bucket you will see an indentation...this is your seating area. Use your paper pattern to trace seats out of corrugated cardboard.
  • Cut a circle of fiberfill about an inch smaller around than your seating circles.
  • Cut a circle of vinyl tablecloth about 3 inches bigger all around than your seating circles. You can buy these tablecloths at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc., pretty cheaply. If you get the larger sizes, they are usually the same price. A good size tablecloth will make over a dozen covers.
  • Baste all around your vinyl circle with heavy thread (we use full strength embroidery floss) This is easy enough for Brownies. Leave about an inch border outside your sewing line. You can also trace the sewing line on the reverse of the vinyl so you will sew a round circle.
  • Lay the fiberfill on the back side of the vinyl, then the cardboard. Using the end of your thread, gather the vinyl and pull tight. Tie off your stitches...you can use a piece of duct tape to tape off your thread.
  • Turn over, and you should have a nice padded top.
  • Using auto epoxy or marine epoxy, apply as directed to both the bucket lid and the gathered side of the pad. These types of glues hold much better than white glue, glue gun, or anything else.
  • Press the top onto the bucket lid and leave to dry....pressed down by books if you can.
  • If the top of the bucket has never been sealed, you may have trouble getting it to "click" down on to the bucket. You can use a utility knife to cut "V" shaped notches in each of the circle sections around the lid.
  • Decorate your bucket using permanent markers.


Your sit-upon is waterproof and dirt proof. You can take it hiking, to the beach, in the snow, and almost anywhere. It will hold your supplies, your lunch, the fish you caught, or just about anything else. If we are going to be out in the rain, it's nice to keep a small towel in the bucket. You can pull it out and wipe off your vinyl seat before you sit on it.



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