Bridge to Girl Scout Brownies

(author unknown...revised by Carol Lee Spages)

Girl Scout Daisies, cross the bridge,
Your Daisy days are done.
Come and join our Brownie ring...
Find adventure and lots of fun.

Bridge to Girl Scout Juniors

(author unknown...revised by Carol Lee Spages)


Two years have passed since you first stood
By the magic pool and learned you could
Do lots of things in a Girl Scout way
And truly live by the words you say.

Journeys and Try-Its have become yours
As you worked and played in and out doors.
Being a Girl Scout Brownie has filled your hearts
Broadened your sights and brought new starts.

You committed to our Promise and showed respect,
We learned working together is what to expect.
So Girl Scout Brownies fly on and find
That Girl Scout Juniors are true and kind.

Now we give you Brownie wings,
That you may fly to bigger things!

Bridge to Girl Scout Cadettes

(author unknown...revised by Carol Lee Spages)

When you were a Girl Scout Junior
You learned a lot of things

Through discover, connect, take action
And the skills badges and service brings.

Now you come to Girl Scout Cadettes

Ready to take a greater part
In Girl Scouting and your community,
And this next step is just the start."

Bridge to Girl Scout Seniors poem

(author unknown...revised by Carol Lee Spages)


Take my hand in eagerness
As Girl Scout Seniors we become
We're proud to be bridging
To earn the awards that can be done.

Take my hand in thanking
Our advisor and our guide
With sincere appreciation
For standing by our side.

Take my hand in friendship
I give to you this day
Remember all the good times
We had along the way.

Take my hand for helping
Other people that we know
The more we give to others
The more that we will grow.

Take my hand in learning
To camp on nature's ground
Enjoying trails and campfires
With new friends that we have found.

Take my hand to follow new
Girl Scouting journeys in our sight
We'll join hands with each other
And in friendship we'll unite.

Take my hand in giving
Our knowledge of Girl Scouts
To girls we meet and talk to
Who have so many doubts.

(In unison):
We give our hands in promise
To hold our country dear
And abide by the Girl Scout Law
Each day throughout the year.

Bridge to Girl Scout Adults

(by Joan McEniry)

Spoken by Girl Scout Ambassadors bridging to adult Girl Scouts...

We are the present... and the future too.
We turned our eyes to you to point the way.
We learned to walk ourselves, against the day
When you no longer lead us by the hand.
You taught us the meaning we need
For, soon, there will be those
Whom we must lead
In ways which you have shown.
And, having taught us,
Show us that you are not afraid for us to walk alone.
You taught us to reach for the stars.
To gather to ourselves the dreams
That beckoned once to you.
You taught us those things that we must know
To make your dream, our dream come true!

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