Activities for Girls ages 11 - 17

Girls 11 - 17 Song -  Wayfarer's Grace (to the tune of "Praise God From Whom All Blessing Flow" by M. Elizabeth Worsfold)
For all the glory of the way.
For thy protection, night and day.
For roof, tree, fire and bed and board.
For friends and home, we thank Thee, Lord.

Spanish:  Alabemos al Senor.
Demos le gracias al Hacedor;
Por el hogar y la amistad,
Gracias, Senor, Aleluya.

French:  Pour la beautè de nos chemins,
Pour aujourdhui et pour demain,
Et pour ce pain que nous mangeons,
Pour nos amis, nous Te louons.

German:  Für diesen Tag den Du gemacht
Für Deinen Schutz bei Tag und Nacht
Für Obdach, Wärme, Ruh und Brot,
Für alles sei Dir Dank, O Gott.


Girl Scouts Together
Girl Scouts together, that is our song;
Winding the old trials rocky and long.
Learnig our motto, living our creed
Girl Scouts together in every good deed
Girl Scouts together, happy are we
Friendly to neighbors from o'er the sea
Faithful to country, loyal to home
Known as true Girl Scouts wherever we roam.


Girls 11 - 17 SWAP - Macaroni Angels
Supplies:  manacotti noodles 1-1.5 inches long, elbow macaroni, small wooden beads, bow-tie pasta, round wooden ball, cotton, gold metallic pipe cleaner, paint, glue, pin back
Instructions:  Use small manicotti noodle (about 1-1/2 inches long) for body, elbow macaroni for arms, small wooden bead for hands, bow-tie pasta for wings, round wooden bead or ball for head, quilt batting or cotton for hair, gold metallic pipe cleaner for halo.  Paint face on bead.  Glue on pin back.


Instant Snowman
mini black beads (2 each), black and orange foam/construction paper/poster board, white crystal glitter or tiny Styrofoam pieces, mini Ziploc bags (can make own out of larger bags or saran wrap and glue edges), scissors, pins, marker, index card/paper
Instructions: Cut 1/2" of black foam/construction paper/poster board, inot a hat shape. Cut a small piece of orange paper into a carrot shape. Add to bag, along with
two black beads and a small scoop of glitter. Add pin and a tag that says:Instnat Snowman-just add water.


Girls 11 - 17 Craft -  Glass Crystal Ornament
Supplies: clear glass ornament with removable top, crystals (found in the floral arrangement section of your craft store), food coloring, sequins, beads, glitter, lace, or anything tiny you want to put inside the ornament, base to set ornament in (optional), and Liquid Nails Sealant - Clear Seal all-purpose sealant.
Instructions:  Find something you can use to hold the ornament upright while you work.  Remove the metal lid and metal hanging wire from the glass ornament.  Dip the ends of the metal hanging wire in the sealant or spray the end with a rust proofing paint.  Let them dry. You will be putting water in the glass ornament.  If you don’t seal the metal it will rust and discolor your ornament. Fill the ornament with a few sequins or beads, add water (you can add food coloring to the water if you would like) to fill the ornament about half full and then a few sprinkles of crystals.  You will probably only need to use 1/4 teaspoon or less of crystals per ornament. The crystals will expand quite a bit.  Let the ornament stand a few minutes so that the crystals expand.  After the crystals have expanded, you can use something skinny and long like a pencil or craft stick to push the sequins in place next to the glass. Put more water in the ornament up to where the ends of the wire top will be.  You don’t want the wire to come in contact with the water in the ornament if possible because it rusts. Put in more sequins and crystals. Use your craft stick to push the sequins around.  Let the ornament set for at least half an hour. (If you are not happy with the results, you can start all over by placing the ornament under running water, the sequins and crystals will come out.)  Now you are ready to put the lid on.  Make sure you don’t have crystals or water in the top area of the ornament where the metal wire will be inserted.  If you do, remove any excess with your pencil.  Now fill the rest of the ornament with the clear sealant up to the top.  Insert the wire and metal top.  Let dry and then remove any excess sealant by pealing it off.


Holiday Light Bulbs
light bulbs (used/burned out), acrylic paint, paintbrushes, wire for hangers, water
Instructions: Carefully paint light bulbs with holiday shapes, colors, etc. After they are dry attach wire around the coiled end to hang.


Girls 11 - 17 Activity - Santa Letter
Check with your local post office about the letters they receive for Santa.  See if your troop can answer these.  Make sure to read them since some children will ask for help with their sick or divorced parents.  Remind the girls to not promise any wishes but say things such as: "The elves have been very busy making toys", or "I see you are on my list of good boys and girls", or "Rudolph really likes carrots. Will you leave him some this Christmas?".


Have each girl write on a pice of paper one thing about her that is true that none of the other girls know. Then write two things that are not true, but could
possibly be. The cards are then mixed together and one person can read them out while the other girls try to guess which person's card it is and which line is the truth.


Girls 11 - 17 Ceremony - Values of Life Cermony

Props: large Trefoil, seven candles
Leader (pointing to Trefoil):  The emblem you see before you represents the Girl Scout program. The seven candles represent the seven rays of the sun.  We will now tell you what each of the seven rays stands for.  Have the girls say the following while lighting the candle:
1: WISDOM – Wisdom does not necessarily mean superior knowledge. It means putting to the right use the knowledge one possesses.
2: COURAGE – Courage is not the quality that enables people to meet danger without fear; it is being able to meet danger in spite of your fear.
3: CHARITY – Charity is not limited to donations to the less fortunate. It is acceptance of others even when you do not understand them.
4: JUSTICE – Justice is the practice of dealing fairly with others without prejudice or regard to race, color, or creed.
5: FAITH – Faith is the conviction that something unproved by physical evidence is true.  Faith is permitting ourselves to be seized by that which we cannot see.
6: HOPE – Hope means to expect with confidence.  Always hope for better things to come.  A person without hope is of little good to herself or her community.
7: LOVE – There are many kinds of love – love of family, love of home, love of fellow man, love of God, and love of country. All these loves are necessary for a full life.

Indian Taps
Day is done (hands outstretched, palms down)
Gone the sun (raise outstretched hands)
From the lake (raise hands)
From the hill (raise hands)
From the sky (raise hands toward sky)
All is well (right hand to left shoulder, elbow bent)
Safely rest (left hand to right shoulder)
God is nigh (bow head on arms folded at shoulder)

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