hello my name is Kelly harringtonTroop 444 I am also known as rainbow the clown we go out all year round and perform for children in hospitals and senior homes. we also deliver food to the homelss ion fact this tuesday the aug 16th we will delivering food toys bottles of h2o to the homeless and despertly need donations of used toys clothes coats ect!! we will meet in Jerry Nugget parking lot at 430 Pm and leave there at 445 ish to a location top deliver supplies we hav alot of women and childer on the streets and need help if intersted call me at 265-6115 or email me kaharrington @cox.net. About 5 years ago upn visitng shadtree shelter during the holidays me and my daughter made handmade stockings to deliver wwe could only make around 30- 40 a year (just the 2 of us) we delivered a stocking to a little girl that wouln't stop hugging her stocking because it was the 1st stocking she had ever received and thats how sockings of love came to pass last year we made over 1000 stockings and this year our goal is 2000 we need supplies and volunteers!! Thi is a  great way 2 get troops involved there is no right or wrong way to make these stockings no age limit my 3 year ols special needs son makes them and if they want when we deliver the stockings the kids can come with us (Someplaces don't take kids uner 14 but most places do if not we can take photos of the cjhildren that receive the stockings!! Tehy can help several waye i can come 2 your troop and teach u what 2 do and the kids can use my supplies and decorate them 2 and u can make them on your own there is lots of ways to get involved please contact me so we can get your troop involve volunteering is my life and i can help troops get stat ed no age is 2 soon so if i can help w that let me know always looking 4 donations of toys 3 deliver!!. 

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