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We are a troop of Cadettes from Brewster, NY.  In 2009, an 8 year old member of our troop, Kayla Donohue, and her mother, Lori, were killed by a drunk driver on the way out of Kayla's dance class.  Our troop has created KDAY, a memorial event held each year in June, to honor their memories and connect with other Girl Scouts. 

Last year, as part of our event, we made troops of Flat Juliettes.  On the back of each Juliette is Kayla's story. In the spirit of sisterhood in scouting, we would like to start the Juliettes on an adventure.  We ask that troops take Juliette on an adventure (a la Flat Stanley) and create an 8.5x11 scrapbook page to send back to us recounting her adventure with another troop.  We are collecting the stories in a binder to share at our event this year and give to Kayla's family thereafter.  If you have a troop or leaders who would be willing to take Juliette on an adventure, please contact me.  I can send any number of Juliettes out immediately.  Included in the package will be instructions, background, all materials, and rubber bracelets as a thank you.  We hope to spread the word about our friend, Kayla, and connect with Girl Scouts across the country.

If your trooop is interested please contact: Robyn Scinta

robyn7175@gmail.com or


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