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Dear Girl Scout Troop Leaders,

I am seeking your help on behalf of my Junior Girl Scouts, who are working on their Bronze Award Project. They are coordinating the creation and sale of cookbook to commemorate the Girl Scouts' Centennial. The proceeds from the sale of the cookbook is to fund a Girl Scout scholarship in their support unit.

The girls have not come close to receiving an adequate number of recipes to create a cookbook. Despite presenting their project to the Leaders in the Support Unit at a Leader meeting, followed that by emailing the Leaders multiple times encouraging them to ask their parents to send recipes, sharing their story in the local paper & at a local retirement facility, and setting up a display at the Support Unit's Centennial Event . . . they are considerably short in the number of recipes needed to create a successful cookbook.

They have had to push back they deadlines by over a month in hopes of receiving more recipes. The girls are working very hard on the details and are meeting weekly.

As a Leader, this Yahoo Group has proved to be an invaluable asset to me. I have learned so much from the information shared by all via this medium. So I thought I would seek your help on behalf of my Girl Scouts. My Girl Scouts really want a true Girl Scout cookbook with all of the recipe submitted by Past or Present Girl Scouts and/or Past or Present Girl Scout Troop Volunteers (Troop Leaders, Troop Treasurers, Cookie Moms, etc).

I would be eternally grateful if you could please email a recipe or two to at your earliest convenience.

Please include the following information with your recipe/in your email:

1. Name of the Girl Scout or Troop Volunteer,
2. Highest Girl Scout Rank or Volunteer Position
3. Troop Number
4. City, State

We need all types of recipes including, but not limited to:
Soups & Salads
Side Dishes
Main Dishes

If your recipe(s) happens to an International Dish, please be sure to indicate the country so we can indicate that this would be a great recipe for WTD.

With warmest regards on behalf of my Junior Girl Scouts,

Alyssa, Hannah, Madeleine, Ranya, Sarah, Skylar, Trynity, & Veronica
Junior Girl Scouts
Troop 3754

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