Hi All,
I’m forwarding this e-mail to some of you whom I feel could better connect with these two young girl scouts from Sydney, Australia, and whom I trust will safely and appropriately respond to this request from them. I also included you based on your location too including, So. Nevada, So. California, Washington DC and Savannah, Georgia. I’m hoping you will all respond so they get a sense of Scouting from around the USA as well.

These two young Australian girl “cub” scouts ended up with my swap on hats that were sent to them from other scouts in WA DC who attended Rock the Mall (which I attended also).

Since my daughters are grown adults, I don’t have any scout troops or any regular contact with young girls other than sing alongs. I’m hoping one or more of you can help, since you are still active with younger girls in scouting.

I know these 2 precious girls would be so thrilled to hear from several of your girls about Scouting in the USA and it could result in a great connection and learning about scouting activities in Australia for our girls here too. Note these girls are in a boy/girl combined “Cub” Scout troop there and are ages 8 & 10. (see attached picture)

Please let me know so that I can follow up and I hope you will consider connecting with them soon so they are encouraged by the World connection and love of scouting we all share.

I’m responding to let them know we are working on it at this end and I hope you’ll join me in sharing this with your girls here in the USA to link up and share our ideals and activities you are all involved in.

Hugs and thanks for your consideration,
Vanette Christensen
Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada (USA)
Volunteer – Sing Along Leader
So. California Song Share Singers - Member

From: mark_meaghan@optusnet.com.au [mailto:mark_meaghan@optusnet.com.au]
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012 3:12 AM
To: vanette@comnett.net
Subject: Rock the Mall -

Hello Vanette,

Our names are Hannah and Abby and we live in Sydney Australia. We have a special friend in Washington who has sent us 2 Girls Scout hats with lots of badges from Rock the Mall.

Your playing card badge was on one of the hats and we were very ecxcited to have your email address on it. I am 10 next week and my sister Abby is 8 years old. We are members of the Cub Scouts here in Sydney - 1st East Ryde. We love going to cubs. There are about half girls and boys in our troop.

It would be great to hear all about Girl Scouts in America. We are excited to hear from you

Hannah and Abby
Sydney, Australia

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