Would you believe it is over 100 degrees in Afghanistan!!!
Our militarytroops and medical staff could use Cool Comfort Ties to keep them cool! I know they make a huge difference - I have used one on hikes and volunteering at day camp programs.

If you are making some, please be sure to get them sent in to Jan in Indiana as soon as you can. 
Operation Quiet Comfort
17671 13th Rd.
Plymouth, IN 46563

If you aren't currently making them, but can sew a straight seam, contact Heidi and she will send you the instructions. Get a group together - those who can sew can make them, those who can't sew can put in watersorb pellets. You can get a whole bunch done in a work-day! It's really simple sewing...gather some friends and make an assebly line...knock 'em out for the troops! This could be a great troop project.


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