On November 20 the Boy Scouts are having a badge workshop for their Engineering Merit Badge.  The event is also open to Girl Scouts 11-18 (C,S,A).  The girls will do everything for the IP except the service project on that day.  It will be held at UNLV and conducted by engineers.  There is a service project set up for Oct 24 as well.  If you attend the service project, the workshop fee of $7 is waived.  This is a great program with knowledgable adults.  Please contact Dawn Schofield schofieldrd@gmail.com for more info.

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hi Dawn - I thought the Nov 20 IPP looked great, thanks! Tammy (Troop 520)
p.s. how are the girls doing?
Six of my girls earned their Gold Awards and all of the troop girls are now in college. Some are in town and some are out of state. They are all doing well! I am so proud of them! It is so great to watch them grow up and make good decisions. Do you have older girls now?
my older daughter and I will be attending the service project on Sunday. We are looking forward to it. She also is looking to earn another IPP for her vest.
This really is a great program! The Boy Scouts set it up every three or four years. I took girls from my troop two different years. It changes a little each year, but it is run by working engineers and full of good information. Even if engineering is not a current career choice for your daughter, it is great to learn that all of our city's infrastructure came from somewhere.
Do they add any other IP's to work on while doing the workshop or is it just the Build a better Future?
No, it is just Build a Better Future, but if you look in the IPP book, it has suggestions that are linked to the subject matter. Several years ago, the Boy Scouts did a dentistry badge workshop at CSN that was also open to Girl Scouts.
Where can we learn more about when events that both the Boys and Girls will be able to do together?
I don't know if there is one place that would have that information. I will ask my Boy Scout conections.
Hi Dawn,
Well, my daughter and I went to the Service project portion of the event yesterday and let me tell you we had a blast!!! My daughter got to use a sledge hammer to help the guys out. We were the only 2 girl scouts @ the event. Thanks for posting this.
Awesome! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The date of the workshop may be changed to Dec, since it is going to conflict with Scouting for Food. I'll keep you posted.
Not to be happy about it, but good that they are changing the date b/c my younger daughter and her troop will be having a Nut booth that day.




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